Read data from Kostal inverter using TCP Modbus and Python

Here you can find the code to read the actual data from Kostal inverter (in use with Kostal Plenticore Plus 10):

You just need to know IP and port (typically 1502):, 1502)

You can get this attributes:

consumptionbat: consumption from battery (W)
consumptiongrid: consumption from grid (W)
consumptionpv: consumption from panels (W)
consumption_total: full consumption (W)
inverter: inverter output (W)
batteryamp: ampere battery (A)
batteryvolt: voltage battery (V)
powerToBattery: load/unload battery (W)
batteryflag: 0 = discharge, 0.5 = idle, 1 = charge
batterypercent: state of charge battery (%)
dc1: production line 1 (W)
dc2: production line 2 (W)
dc3: production line 3 (W)
generation: full production (W)
powerToGrid: power to grid (W)
surplus: surplus production (W)
dailyyield: daily power production (kWh)



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